1. coachella:

    Weaving light into the sky.

  2. Triangle pose 😍

  3. Did you see my fishtail? 😄

  4. I can live like this forever 😊

    Bagac, Bataan, Philippines

  5. Bagac Beach
    Bataan Province


  6. Lengthen your spine ♡
    Downward facing dog pose, on the beach 😄

  7. Downward sea facing dog pose 😄

  8. Half buried in the sands. Got my shoulders burnt after 😄

  9. Smile. No stress. No pressure. 😍😋😊

  10. Life is a beach 😎

  11. And ill do what frozen things do, in summer 😄😄😄

  12. I dont really like crowded places. Its a miracle to find a beach with only few people on a Maundy Thursday. Its a holiday and its so hot to stay indoors. It doesnt matter if its not the expensive beach type, as long as i have my space 😊

  13. Hello kitty, US flag and beach baby ♡

  14. In summer, I melt ♡

  15. Bye golden rice fields. Arigato ♡